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Founded in 1998, GDI (Global Database Information) Co., Ltd. provides various kinds of database through CD-ROM, online and microform cooperating with world famous research corporations and publishers-Biosis, Chadwyck-Healey, CIS, CRC Press & Chanpman Hall, Dialog, ILI, Oxford University Press, ProQuest, SAE, Westlaw and etc.-for universities, governmental institutions and corporations.
We are aiming at offering key databases for humanities and social science, engineering, technical and biotechnology to students and researchers with quick and easy access.
We have concluded an agreement with Dialog Corporation and installed Dialog Mirror Site, the server for Dialog products that enables customers to use information at a reasonable price.

To keep up with the current world-wide information, we regularly take part in the seminars, conferences or exhibitions. Since the establishment of the European Union, databases relevant to Europe such as EU legislation, economics and science materials have been more in demand recent years.